Onnit New Mood Side Effects

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onnit new mood side effects

Onnit New Mood is a supplement that claims to be effective to uplift your mood and reduce the symptoms of perturbation. You must have read a lot of online reviews on Onnit New Mood. Like a dog and pony show, these reviews are ostentatiously written to engage people and excite them to invest their money in it. You can be easily tempted to buy Onnit New Mood supplement to turf out anxiety problems. Here are the side effects of Onnit New Mood supplement.

The supplement has not been reviewed by FDA

Several facts have been stated by Onnit labs that New Mood supplement increases elation, relaxation, and improves insomnia. However, none of the facts have been evaluated by FDA. There is no primary way to find out that the ingredients found in Onnit New Mood supplement are safe.

The supplement contains 5-HTP that has some side effects

5-HTP is an amino acid that is used by brain to emanate serotonin hormone. Serotonin helps to make you feel calm and relaxed and knocks you out. This ingredient is also found in antidepressant medicines. However, it has some potential side effects such as heartburn, nausea, stomach pain, dizziness, and sexual problems.

The supplement can also cause allergic reactions

You should not take this supplement without consulting a doctor, but this is true for any supplement. OTC drugs and supplements can cause allergic reactions, just like anything else that may come in contact with you. You can experience rash, tightness in your chest, difficulty in breathing, tremors, swelling on face etc. Severe allergic reactions can also cause fatal consequences.

Overdose of the supplement will lead to serotonin syndrome

You should be careful with the intake of a supplement that boosts serotonin hormone. Overdose of New Mood supplement will cause your brain to release an excess serotonin hormone that will lead to headache, shivering, dilated pupils, diarrhea, muscle spasms, fever, hypertension, rapid heart rate etc.

The supplement gives off a placebo effect

Some studies have shown that Onnit New Mood has a potential to uplift the mood because of placebo effects. With ingestion of this supplement, people start focusing on positives in life. You will not toss and turn. You will be relaxed and conk out soon, but once you stop using the product, your mood will suffer from mood swings and anxiety again.

If you’re planning to take Onnit New Mood to toss out consternation and improve sleep disorder, consider the side effects.


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