Crystal Star Anti-Flam, 60 Caps

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Boosts immune response
Reduces painful inflammation
Breaks the pain-spasm cycle


Many American citizens fight with day-to-day ache from arthritis, complications, backaches, menstrual cramps, repetitive pressure, or continual sickness. However taking prime doses of anti inflammatory medicine or aspirin can result in severe injury to the gastrointestinal tract, even bleeding ulcers. Crystal Superstar ANTI-FLAM is helping battle irritation and ache, certainly, with out the unintended effects and dangers of those medicine. ANTI-FLAM is a formidable antimicrobial for bacterial and viral pathogens. It eliminates pollutants briefly, or even fights exterior issues like inflamed sebaceous gland cysts. It complements your frame’s natural immune reaction in dealing with the issue. It comprises herbs confirmed to extend manufacturing and job of interferon and macrophages, t-lymphocytes (Killer T-cells), and lymphokines for a natural immune spice up. It is a nice supply of natural anti-inflammatories that take down swelling and ache, permitting the frame’s personal therapeutic components to come back into play.
Boosts immune reaction
Reduces painful irritation
Breaks the ache-spasm cycle
is helping relieve the ache of arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome
for stronger effects, take with Dr. Enzyme with Protease & Bromelain and Dr. Energy

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