Natural Factors Zymactive Double Strength , 30 Enteric Coated Tablets


Works systemically in the body
Promotes healthy joints
Supports immune system function as well as overall good health


Zymactive® supplies a spectrum of protein-digesting enzymes helpful in assisting correct digestive serve as in addition to dietary strengthen for people experiencing irritation or most cancers. Zymactive is a singular enzyme complicated that may be greater than two times as powerful in protein digesting process because the top logo. Peptizyme SP®, a proprietary enzyme known as the “silk bug enzyme” has a extra robust and broader pH steadiness than chymotrypsin and trypsin. It’s been utilized in Europe and Japan for greater than 25 years for irritation, publish-surgical swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, and ear, nostril, and throat issues, with just right medical analysis in the back of it.
Works systemically within the frame
Promotes wholesome joints
Helps immune device serve as in addition to total just right well being
Enzyme potencies are assured at time of manufacture
30 Capsules

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