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Power Foods for the Brain: An Effective 3-Step Plan to Protect Your Mind and Strengthen Your Memory

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Could your breakfast or lunch be harming your memory?

Are you missing out at the foods that would save you Alzheimer&aposs disease?

Everyone knows excellent nutrition supports your overall health, but few realize that certain foods-power foods-can give protection to your brain and optimize its serve as, or even dramatically cut back your risk of Alzheimer&aposs Disease. Now, New York Times bestselling writer, clinical researcher and health advocate Dr. Neal Barnard has gathered probably the most up-to-date research and created a groundbreaking program that may support your memory and give protection to your brain&aposs health.

In this effective 3-step plan Dr. Barnard reveals which foods to extend for your diet and which to keep away from, and shows you specific exercises and supplements that may make a difference. It&aposll no longer best lend a hand spice up brain health, but it could possibly also cut back your risk of Alzheimer&aposs disease, stroke, and other less serious malfunctions such as low energy, poor sleep patterns, irritability, and loss of center of attention. You&aposll be able to discover:

  • The highest foods to extend cognitive serve as
  • Dairy products and meats-the risks they&aposll pose in your memory
  • The surprising roles alcohol and caffeine play in Alzheimer&aposs risk
  • The up to date research on toxic metals, like aluminum found in cookware, soda cans, and commonplace antacids.
  • Plus a detailed menu plan, recipes and time-saving kitchen tips


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