Nootropic Log #3

March 30th 4 grams of piracetam this morning with 500mg choline. I skipped my afternoon dose and took 3.2 grams of piracetam just before 6:30pm, along with my super B complex. March 31st 4 grams of piracetam in the morning with 500mg choline (again). Skipping my evening dose and just taking a super B complex, …

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Nootropic Log #2: So I decided to buy Noopept…

fit brains 1

Last night, I decided to take the plunge and buy Noopept. 5 grams of Noopept cost me around $10 shipped, so I figure the cost will be worth the reward. At the higher dose of 40 mg a day, this nootropic would last me at least three months. I figured it’s at least worth a shot. I’ll probably …

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Nootropic Log #1: The Introduction to My Stacks


Stacks on stacks on stacks. I’m approaching 30 years old, and I’ve noticed certain cognitive abilities of mine have seem to decline. I’m sure it’s not all due to age (I have an outside vice or two that may contribute to the memory), but overall, I am looking to improve, not only my mental fog, but my stifled creativity. Some years ago, I wrote songs on the regular from production to songwriting to “singing.” These days, I can crank out a few instrumentals and write lines and melodies here and there, but nothing to completion.

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