Adrafinil As a Replacement for Adderall


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Since we live in a society that is very demanding for both our brain and our body, it’s always imperative to ensure that we find something to maintain our motivation and our energy at high levels at all times. Adrafinil is a product that was created to do that exact same thing, since it belongs to the eugeroic group. It’s one of the few medications that works directly with our brain in order to reduce the effects of fatigue and drowsiness that we feel sometimes. Instead, Adrafinil brings us a sense of alertness and wakefulness.

It’s important to note that Adrafinil is a very powerful compound and it’s important to treat everything with complete caution.

How Does Adrafinil Work?

At its core, Adrafinil is a stimulant created to promote wakefulness and it includes nootropics, which directly work on the brain to improve its energy. At the same time, the nootropics have a positive effect since they improve the learning abilities, increase the amount of memory and just work closely in order to promote the overall brain health. Many considered Adrafinil as being a good treatment for narcolepsy, but in the past few years the product started to be used for other purposes as well.

Because Adrafinil focuses on the stimulation of the central nervous system, it will affect in a direct manner the adrenergic system and the cathecholamine hormone levels too. Research has shown that Adrafinil manages to promote the increase of hypocrein levels. And since this transmitter is linked directly to hopefulness and wakefulness, it’s easy to understand why Adrafinil provides results that are so good.

Adrafinil Benefits

The first major benefit that comes from using Adrafinil is the increase of energy levels and attention. Because the brain is stimulated to pay extra attention, the results are just amazing, since your will be able to focus in a much better fashion. At the same time, the stamina levels are increase exponentially, which means that you can be more productive, and this is something you are bound to enjoy for sure.
Adrafinil also brings a great benefit in the form of a higher motivational factor. Most of the time, people aren’t motivated enough, and this leads to bad results especially for those persons that are in a competitive field. With the help of Adrafinil, this issue is removed completely. The results are much better than ever expected, and that’s stunning to say the least.

With Adrafinil you can increase the learning abilities too. Studies showed that Adrafinil is a great product if you want a faster recall and the results are just stunning.

Adrafinil Side Effects

There are a few side effects, depending on the amount of Adrafinil you intake, as overdose can lead to problems such as anxiety, sleep issues, dry mouth and heart strains if you take too much. There are also a few reports of liver complications in the case of Adrafinil.

Where to Buy Adrafinil

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In the end, Adrafinil is a great product, all you have to do is to make sure that you take the right dosage, which doctors recommend to be between 150mg and 300mg, especially since this is a very powerful nootropic to begin with. If you want to increase your wakefully and boost your productivity without any downside on your sleep quality, then checking out Adrafinil is a very good idea!

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