Coluracetam Review – Coluracetam for Alzheimer’s Disease and as a Nootropic


What is Coluracetam?

Coluracetam is a promising supplement that can enhance the activity of the brain’s cholinergic neurons in a way that is known to lead to improvements in one’s memory, cognition, focus, motivation, and intelligence. These improvements apply mostly to the visual cortex of the brain which processes the colors, the shapes, and the movements that we see.

Coluracetam Benefits

Like most nootropics, Coluracetam may be sold over the counter or eventually prescribed as a treatment for such conditions as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, attention deficit disorders, anxiety, and major depressions. Preliminary finding by the makers of the supplement have shown that Coluracetam can also be used to reduce the symptoms of schizophrenia and general anxiety disorder, and that it may help to treat several variants of internal eye and optic nerve deficiencies.

As a supplement, and cognitive booster, Coluracetam has actually been sampled by students as a stimulant to increase their performance in school. It has also been used by a group of individuals and rats who participated in a scientific study of Coluracetam; the study showed that Coluracetam can improve the learning performance of the rat subjects whose memory started improving overtime and who got better at passing the traditional maze test. Other results from this study’s experiments led the researchers to conclude that about a third of the human subjects lowered their depression, anxiety and felt more peaceful.

Coluracetam Side Effects

With minor headaches as its most likely side effect, Coluracetam side effects are expected to be reasonable, given the similarities that Coluracetam has with other racetams which typically have few side effects and a small risk of addiction or overdose.

Coluracetam Dosage

No official dosage has been recommended as of yet for those taking Coluracetam, but we might expect doctors to prescribe about 200 milligrams a day, or a bit more for those suffering from severe, cognition-affecting problems, including deep depressions.

As a racetam compound that is still being improved by BrainCells Inc, Coluracetam’s distribution is very limited these days, since no extensive studies are known to have been performed on a global scale to evaluate all of its benefits and side effects.

Where to Buy Coluracetam

You can purchase about 5 grams from both Powder City and Peak Nootropics for comparable prices below. You can get smaller quantities at Powder City for less though, if you are looking to simply try it out and see if it is of any benefit to you.

Once again, before taking any supplement, we recommend talking to your doctor about it if you have any concerns.

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