Nootropic Log #2: So I decided to buy Noopept…

Last night, I decided to take the plunge and buy Noopept. 5 grams of Noopept cost me around $10 shipped, so I figure the cost will be worth the reward. At the higher dose of 40 mg a day, this nootropic would last me at least three months. I figured it’s at least worth a shot. I’ll probably end up getting it by the end of the week, and when I do, I will let you guys know what the verdict is. In the meantime, I’m letting the piracetam build up in my system and take it until I consume the 144g of piracetam I purchased.

March 29th (morning):

  • 4g piracetam
  • 500mg choline

March 29th (evening):

  • 3.2g piracetam
  • 1 B-complex
  • 100mg l-theanine

The effects of the piracetam are subtle, but noticeable. I have not experienced any piracetam headaches. I am taking 7.2g a day right now, which may seem high, but it is actually at the lower spectrum of a good, therapeutic dosage. I believe if you take any less than I’m taking right now, you will not feel any of the effects.

My Elevate/Fit Brains Progress

Today’s training slightly improved from yesterday. On Elevate, my speaking is up to 1818 from 1732. Reading is up to 1890 from 1843. Listening is up to 1358 from 1280.

On Fit Brains, Focus is up to 81 from 19. Speed is up to 118 from 52. Language is up to 41. Comparatively, my Focus percentile has gone up to 20% from 4%. Speed is up to 29% from 13%. Language is up to 10%. As I do more training, the correlation will become more consistent.

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