Tranquilene Vs AnxiClear

Anxiety is a pretty common symptom of compounded stress, low self-esteem and a number of other underlying issues that affect millions of human beings worldwide daily. It ranges from mild to extreme, but anxiety can be managed with mindfulness and some natural supplements.

Tranquilene and AnxiClear are potent supplement blends for tackling anxiety. They’re both universally well-reviewed, so sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose one over the other.

Tranquilene and Anxiclear Ingredients

Tranquilene and Anxiclear both have components that help to regulate hormones that help with anxiety.

Some of those components are:

  • Passionflower
  • L-theanine
  • Tryptophan or 5-HTP (both serotonin precursors)

Most of these either have an effect on serotonin or GABA release. Once you can upgrade the secretion of these hormones, you’d likely be miles away from anxiety. 

Other nutrients common to both are magnesium and niacinamide.

Tranquilene is a complex of many natural agents and supplements to help with anxiety and related disorders. They include previously mentioned constituents as well as ashwagandha (a calming serum), brahmi which also helps with cognition, memory and concentration. Other essential nutrients like Vitamin D3, B complex and calcium have additive effects on the action of tranquilene

One thing makes Anxiclear stand out. It is the presence of daytime and night time formula. While the daytime formula helps to ease tension, the night time helps patient to have a sound sleep. Chamomile, valerian, hops and some other help to facilitate sleep. 

AnxiClear also has more ingredients that are multifaceted in action. Jujube seed, reishi mushroom and magnolia bark have anti-inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti oxidant effects. With melatonin in Anxiclear, the sleep wake pattern favors a healthy sleep.

If you had just one choice…

Though it’s hard to chose between two good products, I think I would choose a product with more constituents, has a night time formula and ingredients have other beneficial effects on my body.
AnxiClear ticks all the boxes!
So here are my scores.
Tranquilene 4.5 
Anxiclear 4.95

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