Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Energy and Endurance Review

“There is no magic pill”

This is a famous fitness quote from seven-time Mr Olympia – Arnold Schwarzenegger. Well, we quite understand that he was emphasising the role of hard work and consistency in achieving ones fitness goals, but could there really be some magic fitness supplements lurking somewhere?

Some days, we wake up refreshed and ready to hit the gym hard, but let’s face it, some other mornings just suck. You know those days when you manage a few reps and are too tired and fatigued to continue? When you hang your head and leave the gym with a cloud of gloom hanging over you? That was my story until I confided in an experienced coach who introduced me to pre workout supplements and dare I say they’ve become a part of my routine nowadays. But how do you decide what supplement to use within the sea of options available?

Enter The New Onnit Shroom Tech Sport Formula

This new product is actually a relief to athletes. It says on the pack that it’s designed to supply a burst of clean energy and indeed doesn’t disappoint. It leverages on verifiable research which confirms its efficacy in delivering energy and endurance to sportsmen. In a particular study at Florida State University, volunteers were able to do 12% more bench reps with the supplement compared to when they were on a placebo. But what makes it different from any of the other run of the mill pre workout supplements? My guess would be its careful blend of ingredients.

Onnit Shroom Tech Ingredients

Key ingredients contained in the formula include:

  • Cordyseps sinensis – an amazing mushroom-type that contains adenosine and cordysepic acid as well as several phytonutrients – ingredients which have been shown to increase cellular energy and aerobic capacity.
  • Ashwagandha – this ancient herb indeed does wonders. Its components help the body adapt to stress. It also increases mental acuity.
  • Green tea extract – A well-known extract which acts as a powerful antioxidant.
  • B 12 – There are vitamins, and then there’s vitamin B 12. It plays an important role in metabolism, protects from neurotoxicity and can help sleep.
  • Rhodiola – A herb with a reputation for decreasing fatigue, stimulating the nervous system and generally increasing resistance to stressors.

How to Use it

It’s quite simple. Just take four capsules 45 minutes before your exercise or workout, preferably on an empty stomach and you’re good to go.

Verdict – Great product

Truth be told, there are lots of options in the market and most of them actually do supply a burst of energy. However, what makes Omnit shroom tech sport formula stand out amongst its competitors is the absence of that gassed-out feeling that typifies most of the other pre workout supplements. I was able to breathe easy during my runs, which were now longer and there was unusual alertness or palpitations thereafter. Shroom tech is an amazing product that’s guaranteed to supply clean energy. I highly recommend it as a handy help as you reach for your fitness goals.

You can get your first month of Shroom Tech directly from Onnit; just pay shipping & handling. 

Rating – 4.8/5

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