How to Drink Alcohol or Liquor Safely – Hint: Take These Supplements!

If you don’t care what others think of your drinking habits, or you’re home alone, probably female, and watching your calories, use the following tips to maximize the potentiation of alcohol and minimize the harmful effects on your body.

Propel Zero

I take Propel Zero powdered mix (0 cals), a bottle of water, and about a shot and a half of Seagrams 7 whiskey. You may add more or less liquor, depending on your taste, but be aware that a shot of straight liquor is 70 calories. On the other hand, it’s only 70 calories!! Your tolerance my vary.


There are b-vitamins and electrolytes in Propel Zero that are essential to prevent dehydration and effective in preventing hangovers and nausea. I recommend this b-vitamin complex for everyday use. They are great for most people, like me, who have a very unbalanced and unhealthy diet most days.

I’m a lightweight, so I might only drink 3 shots of whiskey to get drunk. That’s 210 calories, and equivalent to about a beer and a half. Now, I know my beer tolerance, and it takes me wayyyyy more than a beer and a half to get me nice and satisfied on a Saturday night.

Milk Thistle

Another supplement to add to the mix is milk thistle. It is one of the only legal OTC supplements you can take that has been proven to effectively protect the liver (and you obviously need your liver to live). If you are going to drink more than not often, you should take milk thistle to put up a defense for your vital organs. According to Livestrong, stomach cancer patients are recommended to take between 280 and 420mg of milk thistle daily. There are no major side effects to milk thistle.


When you think you’re done, down a talk glass of water. No aspirin! It’s not good to take aspirin when you’ve been drinking alcohol.

So the lesson here is, if you wanna get that tipsy feeling without all the guilt, create a nice mixture of zero calorie flavor and hard 80 proof alcohol and drink away. Maybe you’re a closet alcoholic, or maybe you just don’t care what your friends think, or MAYBE it’s an easy way to get liquor into the office. Whatever your reason, this is something to try.

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