Nootropic Log #3

March 30th

4 grams of piracetam this morning with 500mg choline. I skipped my afternoon dose and took 3.2 grams of piracetam just before 6:30pm, along with my super B complex.

March 31st

4 grams of piracetam in the morning with 500mg choline (again). Skipping my evening dose and just taking a super B complex, along with 200mg of l-theanine.

My Elevate/Fit Brains Progress

I’ve attached results from the 30th and 31st below. I did my brain training after my run but without piracetam, which may account for any decrease in progress.

On Elevate, Speaking went up from 1818 to 1914 to 1986. Reading went up from 1890 to 1968. Listening went up from 1358 to 1411. Math went up from 1100 to 1177 to 1243.

On Fit Brains, Focus went down from 81 to 65. Problem Solving went up from 152 to 168 to 235. Memory went up from 68 to 134. Visual went up from 37 to 75. Speed went up from 118 to 128.

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