What’s the Best Centrophenoxine Dosage? – A Nootropic Review

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Unfortunately, despite the fact that modern technology and medicine has advanced at an astonishing rate over the last few decades, as yet, there is no clear cure for aging and as a result the hands of time will, for the time being at least, begin to catch up with each and every one of us as the years pass us by. 


As we age, generally our brains begin to degenerate and some of us may experience memory loss, dementia, or general impaired cognitive function that is beyond our control, at least in part. 


Over the years however, many supplements and medications, including powerful nootropics, have been developed which could help provide a whole heap of benefits when it comes to brain health and function. One such product is Centrophenoxine, or Meclofenoxate (its brand name), and it is this product we’ll be looking at here. 


What is Centrophenoxine?


Centrophenoxine is best described as a nootropic health supplement, which features a whole variety of different benefits for the brain, mind, and our memories. Nootropics are basically drugs designed to improve brain power and cognitive function by the way, just in case you were wondering. It is actually a modified and improved variation of the drug DMAE, which was also designed to improve brain health and power. Centrophenoxine however, is improved as it is absorbed more efficiently, and it provides improved transportation over the blood-brain barrier. 


Centrophenoxine Benefits


There are a number of benefits associated with Centrophenoxine, with the most prominent examples including the following: 


• Improved short-term memory 
• Improved long-term memory 
• Increased reaction times 
• Improved brain function 
• Helps protect the brain against toxic damage 
• Can help protect against dementia and degenerative diseases 
• Improves brain cell health and regeneration 
• Increased energy
• Boosts brain power 
• Can help reduce stress and anxiety 


Centrophenoxine Dosage


Experts recommend consuming a small dosage of this supplement to begin with, to assess your tolerance levels and also to help get your body used to it. Ideally they recommend around 250 – 300mg, although if you are at a higher risk of dementia, such as having a history of Alzheimer’s disease running in your family, the dosage may be increased. This dosage can be taken in one go, or can be split into half and consumed twice a day. Once initial tolerance levels have been assessed, the dosage can then be increased, with many users consuming between 500mg and 1000mg per day on average, depending on their goals and their unique circumstances for taking the drug. Experts only recommend increasing the dosage if you’re certain the drug is not affecting your body in other ways. 


Centrophenoxine Side Effects

Though it has been proven to be very beneficial, some users have reported side effects with Centrophenoxine, so be wary and always use as instructed. A few side effects could include: 


• Tension in the shoulders, jaw, and neck 
• Occasional dizziness 
• Stomach ache 
• Insomnia if consumed late at night. 


Remember, the side effects listed above are very rare, and generally, if used as instructed, Centrophenoxine users have experienced little to no side effects in the slightest. It is however, NOT SUITABLE for pregnant and nursing women. If using other medicines/supplements, always speak to a doctor/medical professional beforehand.


Where to Buy Centrophenoxine


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Good luck, psychonauts!

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