AdderPlex Review – Alternative to Adderall, ADHD Natural Supplement

Buy Adderplex @ Amazon AdderPlex is made by U.S. company WiseLifeNaturals, a reputable vitamin/supplement company. If you have concerns about your ability to focus, have brain fog, or you’re simply aging and looking for ways to counteract the effects, consider a complex like AdderPlex. It was developed by a physician who specifically studies brain aging. …

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Amphetarol (AdderRx) Review

Update: As of May 2020, NexGen no longer produces Amphetarol or AdderRx. Like its other products, NexGen has been out of the market for a while now, occasionally selling their product on Walmart or eBay.  For the sake of transparency, we will leave this review up since the information in it is still relevant, but …

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Mynoxidrin Review Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Formula for Hair Growth

Hair seems to be every person’s crowning glory. The aesthetic sense of hair is becoming a prime consideration why people take good care of their hair. They are taking different methods and ways in order to preserve the beauty of their natural hair. However, due to the increasing use of chemicals for beautifying the hair, the …

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Noopept Review – The Racetam 1000x Stronger than Piracetam

noopept dosage

Buy Noopept @ Pure Nootropics What is Noopept? Noopept is a racetam that is similar to piracetam, but about 1000x more potent, according to 2002 study by Russian scientists who were testing its effectiveness of the memory process. These scientists found that Noopept had both an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, and they concluded that …

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