TruBrain Review – The Racetam Stack in Liquid Form

trubrain-think-drinks-original-boostIt’s time for a TruBrain review – one of the first nootropic drinks available on the market!

Nootropics are known by a variety of names, such as smart drugs, memory enhancers and many more, but the ultimate factor working behind them all is that they boost mental function in one way or another. The market for these types of products in this category is huge, but one which has recently garnered a lot of attention is produced by Santa Monica and is called as TruBrain. The major focus of this product is to optimize efficiency as well as productivity without using any kind of caffeine containing product or any kind of medication.

The cool thing is TruBrain comes with in two forms. The first is capsules, which is not much different than many other nootropics on the market. The second one is a liquid form. Here are some common features of both these products:

  • Both of these products are 100% vegetarian.
  • They are gluten-free and are designed without genetically modified organisms.
  • Certified from GRAS and made in California.
  • They contain all natural flavors with superior absorption properties and possess sustainable solutions.

In this TruBrain review, we are going to cover TruBrain’s ingredients, benefits, side effects, and proper dosage.

TruBrain Think Drink Ingredients

  • Citicoline(250 gm) + Oxiracetam (800 gm): This forms a classic pairing and boosts concentration power of the human brain. These ingredients are responsible for energy generation and keeping our mind active.
  • Caffeine (80 gm) + L-Theanine (160 gm): This combination is available in nature in from of green tea leaves and is responsible for synergy and alertness.
  • Magnesium (200 gm) + Tyrosine (350 gm): They initiate function of nutrients for body; help in stress reduction and improves vigilance.
  • Carnitine (500 mg): This ingredient is responsible for neural energy and mood; it is present in almost every cell of human body.
  • Some other added flavors include: Monk Fruit, Mangosteen, Nopal Cactus, Blue Agave and Natural Cane Sugar.
  • Uridine (500 mg) + Centrophenoxine (250 mg) work as memory enhancers and help to maintain cognition.

These drinks are available in three different flavors: original, caffeine-free and boost; you can buy any of these as per your taste.

TruBrain Capsule Ingredients

  • Magnesium: Used in form of spinach that helps to keep you balanced all the time.
  • CDP Choline: It is commonly found in almonds and acts as key ingredient for optimal brain health.
  • Piracetam: It is called as major source of action in these capsules.
  • Tyrosine: It is used as gem of amino acid and helps in boosting vigilance.
  • Oxiracetam: Acts like a jet fuel for brain.
  • Carnitine: It keeps you energized.
  • Theanine: Green tea is used for this extract, and it keeps your mind level.
  • DHA: It is a algae based ingredient.

This product package contains 20 packets for morning routine, 20 for evening routine and other than this four turbo packets are included for strenuous days.

Some people think drinks are much better option for regular usage as their flavor adds more option for preferences, but if you take capsules of TruBrain, of course they have their specialized effect on brain and boost energy all the time. Both of these forms of TruBrain are gaining great popularity just because of their effective results. As per our review and a collection of comments from users, we must say that this product is really good for boosting mental energy and do not pose any side effects on human body. Its all natural ingredients make perfect combination of characteristics and superior taste in from of drinks.

Where to Buy TruBrain

You can get a free TruBrain trial at their official website. You should also consider supplementing your regimen with any of these.

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