How to Guide to Lucid Dreaming with Huperzine A – A Review

Huperzine A is a cognitive enhancer. To oversimplify it increases dopamine production, by inhibiting a certain enzyme (cholinesterase). You want to be careful though with dosing. I would go with 50-100mg a day, every other day or 50 mg each day.

See how you feel but it stays in your system for a while hence wanting to cycle it on a day to day basis. I personally take 50mg a day with no side effects. It does help with brain health, but no direct anabolic effects.

Some have taken huperzine A in the past for its ability to enhance the lucidity in my dreams. It seems to work okay by itself, but when taken with 10 Grams (0.35 Oz) Choline CDP, WOW…some of the most vivid lucid dreaming I have ever experienced. I always take them before bed and lately the most exciting part of my day has been bedtime.

I’ve tried a number of supplements over the years to help with mental focus and memory and nothing has worked better than a combination of huperzine A and vinpocetine. When I take both of these in the morning, I can study, write, and focus all morning with no problem. I also take them occasionally in the late afternoon when I need a boost for the evening and there is a noticeable effect. The only downside to taking them later in the day is that I have difficulty getting to sleep but this is a minor annoyance considering the overall benefit.

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