Twinlab DMAE Caps 100mg, 100 Capsules

DMAE is an impressive concentration aid. It smooths out the sometimes-blurred edges of daily life and provides sharper focus and strengthened stamina when it comes to studying for long lengths of time. I also recommend looking into piracetam, which is another “focus enhancer” supplement that I’ve been very surprised by from using with DMAE.


The idea that it won’t work immediately (they say it will take a week to kick in) was not true for me, I felt a “boost” withing a few hours. I think that the combination of the DMAE and piracetam makes the effects more potent and come on quicker. Recommended for major brain fog.

In regards to anti-aging, DMAE is claimed to assist with common skin afflictions such as sagging and facial wrinkles. This is why Dimethylaminoethanol is added to some modern anti-wrinkle creams and lotions. These products aim to reduce the appearance of fine lines, while improving skin firmness and radiance. However, some studies have expressed that DMAE can cause skin irritation and redness in some users. Aside from skin care, DMAE is said to increase mental alertness, improve memory, boost energy levels and make the user feel good.

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