Smart Drugs List – A Brief Beginners Guide to Nootropics

GetSmart! Nootropics is the best list for nootropics, vitamins, supplements, amino acids and other “smart drugs”. If you have a poor diet and feel sluggish, try some of the following:

B complex vitamins: Your body needs b vitamins to function. Typically, one gets enough through good diet, but if you eat improperly, you could be depriving your body of the building blocks it needs to create protein. B vitamins help with depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

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Omega complex: Omega 3 is the most important of the fatty acids, but a good 3-6-9 complex is great for improving hair and skin, reducing cholesterol and is perfect for overall heart health. If you believe in Cheerios, you should try these out.

Some other popular nootropics are:

I highly recommend if you are serious about nootropics, you learn to create your own blends, but if you’re just beginning, here are some brand name stacks to try:

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