Lipogaine vs Rogaine: What’s the Best Treatment for Hair Loss?

lipogaine vs rogaineIs your hair getting thinner month after month? Have you noticed any bald spots or thinning edges? Then you might be dealing with male pattern baldness. Also known as androgenetic alopecia, this condition affects more than two thirds of men over 35. About 811,373 people worldwide are dealing with this problem.Popular treatments, such as Lipogaine and Rogaine, can help reduce hair loss and restore scalp health. These products are made with clinically proven ingredients that stimulate hair growth in men.

How Does Lipogaine Work?

Lipogaine is a complete solution for hair loss and one of the best hair regrowth products available today. 

Its key ingredients are minoxidil, biotin, niacin, B vitamins, and DHT blocker proprietary herbal blend. Minoxidil, its main compound, promotes hair growth and improves blood flow to the scalp. Biotin prevents and reduces hair loss. This product also contains fatty acids and saw palmetto, which block the conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). This makes your hair stronger and stimulates its growth.

Most users report dramatic improvements after using Lipogaine. Unlike other products, it’s easy to apply and doesn’t leave a messy residue behind. This hair loss treatment has a low price tag and has proven results. To make your hair grow faster, use Lipogaine along with the shampoo with the same name. This product must be applied on the hair daily.

Is Rogaine Really Effective?

The Lipogaine vs. Rogaine debate has been around for years. Rogaine contains minoxidil, which is the same active ingredient in Lipogaine. This easy-to-use foam promotes hair growth in both men and women. It’s the first topical brand approved by the FDA for hair loss. The first results appear within two months.

Rogaine doesn’t contain any of the B vitamins, fatty acids, and herbal blends in Lipogaine. However, it guarantees faster results that last. Studies indicate that nine out of 10 men using this product noticed results. The treatment must be applied twice a day for at least four months.

Both Lipogaine and Rogaine appear to be effective and safe. The affordable price and lasting results are reason enough to give them a try.

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