Lithium Orotate Dosage for Depression – A Review

lithium orotate dosageWhat is Lithium Orotate?

Struggling with depression and low energy? Need a quick boost of motivation? Then lithium orotate might be the answer to your problems. This dietary supplement is made from lithium, a mineral that occurs naturally in the body. People with severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia often have a lithium deficiency. By adding this mineral to your diet, you’ll have a better mood and focus better on your daily tasks.

How Does Lithium Orotate Work?

Lithium orotate is a mood regulator that helps relieves stress, depression, and anxiety. It’s 20 times more powerful than other lithium salts, so it works in smaller amounts. This trace mineral improves overall health and boosts mental focus, without the side effects associated with prescription drugs.

Unlike other lithium salts, this mineral can pass through cell membranes intact and doesn’t break apart into ions. Thus, it’s needed in lower doses to achieve the same results as lithium carbonate. The recommended dose is one milligram to 30 milligrams per day. Lithium orotate dosage depends on the condition that is being treated. A healthy individual can benefit from taking as little as one milligram, while a depressed patient needs 20 to 30 milligrams a day, split into several doses.

The Benefits of Lithium Orotate

Due to its high bioavailability, lithium orotate is easily absorbed into the body and provides remarkable results. In the past, it was widely used for treating bi-polar and manic disorders. Today, it’s popular among those who need more energy, motivation, and mental focus.

This supplement increases the activity of chemical messengers in the brain, which helps stabilize your mood and ward off depression. Lithium orotate doesn’t cause any side effects or drug interactions as long as you stick to the recommended dose. It has zero toxicity and can be used on a long term basis. Whether you’re depressed, anxious, or have panic attacks, this product can help.

Where to Get Lithium Orotate

Like many other supplements on the market, the FDA may be close behind on trying to regulate them, so it’s good to get some before it’s difficult to find a reputable dealer. Absorb Health has them in capsule form at a very reasonable price. If you have any experience on it, leave a comment below!

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