AdreneVive Ingredients and Its Benefits/Side Effects – Is It for You? A Review

adreneviveYou’re here because you need validation that Adrenevive is the right supplement for you.

In today’s hectic world, it’s hard to relax and let go. When you’re not busy at work, you have problems at home. When everything goes well in your family, work is killing you. Over time, stress can affect your mental and physical health, leading to weight gain, hormonal disorders, anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

AdreneVive is a natural supplement that enhances your ability to fight stress and supports immune function. This product contains three popular adaptogenic herbs that regulate your hormone levels and promote adrenal health.

AdreneVive Ingredients

Developed by Ortho Molecular, this dietary supplement boosts immunity during times of stress. Its main ingredients are rhodiola, Siberian ginseng, Ashwagandha, and Scutterlaria biacalensis extract, which have proven benefits. These herbs rebalance the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which becomes overactive when you’re stressed out. They also lower cortisol levels and minimize its side effects.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, is produced in your body each day. However, its levels increase because of intense exercise, crash dieting, chronic stress, poor sleep, and certain health conditions. High cortisol levels are associated with weight gain, cardiovascular problems, mental disorders, and premature death. By keeping this hormone under control, you’ll enjoy better health and have a more positive outcome on life.

Adrenevive Benefits

Adrene-Vive balances cortisol levels and supports adrenal function. Rhodiola, one of its key ingredients, improves your mood and reduces fatigue. Ashwagandha reduces stress and anxiety. L-theanine calms your mood and increase serotonin and dopamine production. Siberian ginseng improves immunity and helps your body fight diseases more efficiently.


This supplement is made with natural ingredients and has no side effects. However, it should not be used by pregnant and nursing women. The recommended dose is two capsules a day. Adrene-Vive contains no gluten, lactose, yeast, and other allergens, so it’s safe for people with celiac disease or lactose intolerance.

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