Nitrovit vs Alpha Brain

As you would expect when starting anything relatively new and avantgarde, my decision to begin taking nootropic drugs was met with foreboding by my closest associates. Words like ‘Why take those chemicals bro?’ ‘It could be dangerous’ were thrown at me, but I wasn’t too worried. Truth be told, life is hard. And when you’re tasked with going through a full-blown academic career whilst still maintaining a solid social life, you realize that you might need a little extra help sometimes.

You mean I can pop a pill and instantly become smarter and more focused?’. I certainly was going to try that.

My first few months on different nootropics proved one thing – these drugs did indeed work wonders. My memory and mood improved. I also surprisingly felt calmer and more meditative.

Thanks to the innovation and drive of those who can’t cope with having dull people around, nootropic or smart drugs have flooded the market.

But how do we decide which to purchase in spite of the competition? Let me share my experience with two brands that are available today – Nitrovit and Alpha Brain.

The Ingredients

First of all, both brands are amazing. They’re both supplement blends and contain essentially the same ingredients. On looking through their supplement facts, you’ll quickly find that they both contain Alpha GPC and Huperzine A – two super-effective chemicals for potentiating the effect of acetylcholine, an endogenous neurotransmitter required for memory increase in the brain.

Other amazing nootropic ingredients contained in both include vinpocetine – a potent brain vasodilator, Bacopa Monnieri – the ancient ayurvedic herb which boosts brain power, phosphatidylserine and some vitamins.

Alpha BRAIN: Clinically studied to help healthy individuals support memory, focus, and processing speed.However, something that differentiates both brands is the presence of ‘Noopept’, a smart chemical which is found in NitroVit, but not in Alpha Brain. Noopept is an effective natural nootropic that has been shown to be both fast-acting and long-lasting.

Alpha Brain vs Nitrovit

I had used Alpha Brain for a while before deciding to hop on the train of the newer blend – Nitrovit. Truth be told, I didn’t seem to have the same initial kick with Nitrovit as I did with Alpha Brain. But again, that’s likely because by then, I was past the feeling of novelty that using nootropics first brought.

For both products, I experienced a significant memory boost. I was able to do calculations better within a few weeks and even days of using either nootropic. They also both brought that distinct supply of clean energy that is better experienced than described. I felt good while using both smart drugs, and not just momentarily, it was a sustained high.

With a similar blend of amazing ingredients, there can be too little to choose between both products. Overall, Nitrovit probably works quicker, with a stronger after-effect. Whether that’s even desirable at all is a different topic entirely.

The Verdict

Brain SupplementI’d give Nitrovit a 4.8 and Alpha Brain a 4.7.

If you’ve read the post properly, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that both products are held in high regard by me, and that they contain almost the same constituents. However, it’s hard to look past the fact that NitroVit contains ‘Noopept’. Noopept is often used as a standalone smart supplement, and while definitive evidence on its efficacy is still iffy, some animal studies have shown that it speeds up brain formation and helps retrieve memories. I suppose if you wanted a tamer, well-researched blend, you could go with Alpha Brain, but if you’ve gone that route and want to take things up a notch, NitroVit would be worth looking at.


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